*Skin Care

Love Your Look

I love contributing something extra to clients whenever they need it. When you come to me for my services, I know you are looking for a tailored experience just for you.  My facials will leave you feeling better, fresher, renewed, and even more important - educated about YOUR skin's needs.

Schedule an appointment so I can give you a personalized experience.  Here are a list of the various skin services that I offer.

  • 60 MINUTE CUSTOMIZED FACIAL - $100  This is a facial that targets your specific issues with your skin.         

  • 90 MINUTE CUSTOMIZED FACIAL - $150   This is a LUXURIOUS facial that has it all.  Targeted to address specific issues with your skin and includes masques with massage. You will leave feeling refreshed and VERY relaxed.          

  • EXTRACTIONS - $45 ($25 If incorporated into 60 or 90 minute facials.)                 

  • 45 MINUTE DERMAPLANING FACIAL - $85 Dermaplaning is an excellent way to manually exfoliate your your skin.  This provides a smooth surface for excellent delivery of skin specific products.  Your skin will feel ultra silky and smooth.  ($25 If incorporated into 60 or 90 minute facial.)

  • 90 NANO FACIAL - $150 This facial includes dermaplaning and then a device is used twith silicone tipped 'pyramids' to gently touch the skin, creating thousands of nano channels, which allow skincare products specific to you to penetrate deeper and have a greater effect on the skin. Within 15 minutes after nano needling, the nano channels close themselves.  There is NO discomfort during this highly effective skin infused facial.  

  • MICRONEEDLING - $285 Innovative and effective, microneedling activates your body’s natural cellular regeneration to help tighten, brighten and lift skin, while minimizing many common skin problems.