*Permanent Makeup

Love Your Look

Enjoy the convenience of saving time in your beauty routine.  There have been many advancements in permanent make-up techniques, including the popular microblade procedure.  To find out what's right for you schedule a personal consultation with me where we will determine the best possible look for you.  You will leave feeling informed and confident with your decision.

It is best to schedule an appointment to find out exactly what your needs are to quote an accurate fee.

  • Eyebrow Microblading and/or Shading - $400 - $450

  • Eyeliner Top & Bottom - $425

  • Eyeliner Top - $250

  • Eyeliner Bottom - $225

  • Lip - $350 - $400

  • Areola & Nipple Restorations are quoted per client.

Permanent Makeup Procedure